An essay on different writing styles in dickens the signalman

When she died inshe left behind a legacy of ingenious writing. Charlotte Perkins Gilman was one of the leading intellectuals of the American women? Her literary works explore the minds of remarkable and courageous women. Charlotte Perkins Gilman left an impression on society not only through her brilliant writings and social reforms, but also in her own perseverance in overcoming personal hardships.

An essay on different writing styles in dickens the signalman

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Essay Sample The Signalman written by Charles Dickens in is a short story that falls into the gothic fiction genre. This particular style of writing combines elements such as the supernatural, castles, darkness, madness and the unknown.

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At the time the story was being written, the industrial revolution was in full force. This had a huge impact on society at the time. It improved the standard of living drastically. The death rate had dropped due to better health care and sanitation. Numerous amounts of great and unbelievable machines were being invented.

Nothing like this had ever been seen before. There were suddenly vast amounts of new jobs being created because of all the new factories and machines having to be built and operated.

People became sceptical as to the existence of god because their thoughts were being widely challenged by science and its overwhelming significance.

This caused chaos in the Church. Ordinary People began to form their own opinion about the existence of mankind in relation to god. Dickens incorporates these ideas into The Signalman.

The idea of these prosperous new machines scared people because they were totally unknown shows through in the short story and is one of its main themes. Dickens uses the setting to form suspense by using a combination of powerful and sinister imagery.

As well as being negative, the three adjectives that Dickens chose are very sinister. Images of death, deceit and pain are conjured within the reader. Dickens also uses the list of three in this description.

This is an example of repetition to strengthen the feeling of negativity. Although it is not the same word being repeated, they all have an extremely negative effect upon the reader.

This powerful word adds strength to the three adjectives that follow. This word portrays images of something great; something powerful, something enormous and something that makes man feel small and cowardly in comparison. As we read on through the description we realise that this great architecture is not great and powerful in a positive way.

There is something very frightening about the words great and powerful when they are associated with something evil.

An essay on different writing styles in dickens the signalman

When a setting of a story is portrayed in such dark and negative manner to the reader, it can only make the reader think about whether this sinister description of the setting could be linked to the outcome of the story and the plot. Dickens elicits suspense by using 1st person narrative.

This determines a stronger influence upon the reader because we are only subject to one opinion. The narrator is also a protagonist in the story. What he says as a narrator we believe with out question.

However we are aware that what he is saying as a character in the story may not be true. This creates an effect of ambiguity and confusion.

A signalman was a relatively new job for the Victorian time. Victorian readers may not have known what a signalman was but probably associated it with trains. As well as Victorian readers, 21st century readers might not know what a signalman is.

This automatically leaves the reader wondering and guessing before they have even started to read the story. The reader plunges into the story with this unknown anticipation. It is as if they have the attitude that the rest of the story will follow suit, in suspense and anticipation of events.

Each time the signalman has seen the ghost; something tragic has taken place on the train line. A short period after the first two sightings of the apparition a death has occurred on the line.

This repetition of the sightings amounts to a great deal of tension because the reader is waiting for something to happen, a third death or tragedy.In the essay “A room on one’s own” it was easy to realize about her inner thoughts about descrimination towars women’s capacities and her struggle for women’s rights to express their ideas through writing, as it had always been for men.

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The Signalman by Charles Dickens and The Landlady by Roald Dahl The Signalman is a short story from the author Charles Dickens and was written in the mid 19th Century; The Landlady is also a short story written by Roald Dahl.

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