Business report magazine hector alila

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Business report magazine hector alila

Called Dawningsthe events begin at sunrise in different locations around Miami and include yoga, meditation, lightning talks and business networking over shots of organic ginger and apple juice or cold-pressed cucumber, spinach and kale. To be sure, mindfulness has gone mainstream nationally and globally.

Nearly academic studies last year examined the positive effects of mindfulness — being in the moment — on stress, brain connectivity and chronic medical conditions, according to the American Mindfulness Research Association.

Startups are clearly hopping on the mindful bandwagon to service this growing market.

Hector Alila Overview

Some of this is corporate mindfulness training, which 22 percent of employers will offer this year, according to a survey by Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group on Health.

An estimated 36 million people practice yoga in the U. Clearly there is opportunity. It fulfills a need for people who live here now. All the recipes and products are labeled by the mood they are created to enhance.

By it plans to have at least 50 corporate owned stores.

By it plans to have at least 50 corporate owned stores, Sindlev said. He is also talking to potential joint venture partners in Japan, Dubai, China and South America, and envisions as many as stores in total in A few blocks to the south, entrepreneur Myk Likhov has set out to build a lifestyle product brand for the mindful.

Inat age 26, Likhov founded the successful Green Monkey yoga chain and in sold his stake to his partners. Like most of the entrepreneurs interviewed for this story, he is a passionate practitioner. In April, Likhov launched The 7an underground meditation studio in Miami, to continue to build the community.

business report magazine hector alila

In addition to top meditation teachers sharing their wisdom, there will be workshops on sex and intimacy, spirituality, humanitarianism and building mindful communities. Other tracks will focus on mindful tech and mindful entrepreneurship, too, and of course experiences, Likhov said.

We use technology to create interactive personal experiences that produce a positive change in well-being. Patrick Hilsbos, founder of Neuromore Across the causeway in Miami Beach, Patrick Hilsbos has founded Neuromorewhich creates brain-enhancing technology designed to empower its users to change their state of mind.

Hilsbos said he was bothered that this technology was only available to a small number of athletes and executives: The Neuromore app, available for iOS and Android, aims to help consumers get into the right mindset or state of focus or even have more restful sleep; it was soft-launched with early adopters this summer.

We had 80 show up in our last meetup. I think most people look at Miami and the Beach as a party city, but the growing mindful community is a beautiful thing. There is really something going on. She found relief in lifestyle changes that included cold pressed juices, and after college, set out to make her own.

Four years later, CPR is a well-known local brand. It is an active sponsor of community events.

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So the couple created their own. But this year, the company has licensed the brand for towels and sheets for hotels, restaurants and spas.


With towels and linens, we can do far more volume. Everything we do is mindful. The three days will be followed by an day virtual conference to continue the collaborations. Confirmed speakers include peace broker Ravi Shankar and media personality Ismael Cala.Hector Alila: In the fight against cancer, doctor and biopharmaceutical researcher Hector Alila brings the heavy artillery.

One of the developers behind antibiotic Augmentin, Alila and his firm Esperance Pharmaceuticals are working with the MD Anderson Cancer Center on a new generation of highly targeted cancer drugs.

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Paul, MN Phone: BOSTON—The annual Best of the Best Business Reference Websites list is hereby announced.

business report magazine hector alila

The list made its first debut in in Reference and User Services Quarterly (RUSQ), RUSA’s research journal, and recognizes three websites highly relevant to information professionals involved in providing business reference services.

Hector Alila - President for Esperance Pharmaceuticals, Inc.