Science courseworks

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Science courseworks

Structure[ edit ] The Victorian Certificate of Education is generally taught in years 11 and 12 of secondary education in Victoria, however some students are able to commence their VCE studies in year 10 or earlier if the school or institution allows it. VCE subjects typically consist of four units with each unit covering one semester of study.

Each unit comprises a set number of outcomes usually two or three ; an outcome describes the knowledge and skills that a student should demonstrate by the time the student Science courseworks completed the unit.

Subject choice depends on each individual school.

Science courseworks

Students are not required to complete all the units of a subject as part of the VCE course, meaning they are able to change subject choice between Science courseworks 11 and On completing a unit, a student receives either a 'satisfactory' S or 'non-satisfactory' N result.

If a student does not intend to proceed to tertiary education, a 'satisfactory' result is all that is required to graduate with the VCE. If a student does wish to study at a tertiary level then they will require an ATAR. In order to gain an ATAR a student must satisfactorily complete three units of any subject in the English field at least one English field subject is compulsory and twelve units in any other subjects.

Some studies in the visual arts and technology areas are also assessed via "school assessed tasks" SATs.

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SATs are generally practical tasks that are examined in school. As ofonly the General Achievement Test GAT will be examined in June, with all subjects now only having one external assessment with the exceptions of mathematics subjects, and LOTE studies, which consist of both a written and oral external test.

Subjects in the LOTE field languages other than English are also assessed in the form of oral examinations. Subjects in the Music field are assessed by a performance for a VCAA panel of examiners as part of their external assessment.

All performance based external assessment Oral Examinations and Music Performances are typically held in early October. It provides the basis of a quality assurance check on the marking of examinations.

Study scores are calculated by VCAA, and indicate a student's performance in relation to all other students who undertook that study.

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Study scores are calculated according to a normal distribution, where the mean is 30 and the standard deviation is 7, with most study scores falling in the range 23 to Contrary to common perception, scaling is not based on the difficulty of the subject, as each study score is in fact a ranking.

The score adjustment ensures that in those subjects where it is easier to overtake the cohort, the score is adjusted downwards, while in those subjects where it is difficult to rank highly, it is moved upwards.Eligibility.

To be eligible for admission to the Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program, students must: hold a degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science from .

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Science courseworks

Discover a new side to science and technology. University of California, Santa Cruz. Library: Ejourjnal Search: CruzCAT (library catalog) Earth science portion: Science Library.

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