Scope and limitations of computerized entrance examination system

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Scope and limitations of computerized entrance examination system

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Vietnamese school-leavers will sit national university entrance examinations that start on 4 July and last for almost a week, as they compete for places at some 58 universities and colleges, amid ongoing discussion that the exam system needs reform.

All candidates tackle the same exam questions on the same dates and receive the results on the same date. According to the Ministry of Education and Training,students will sit the exam this year.

But the overall number of higher education applications is down by 7.

Scope and limitations of computerized entrance examination system

Hanoi, with the highest number of applications in the country at , is down 2, compared to In Thanh Hoa province the number of applications, 79, this year, has dropped by 11, Under the current system, candidates submit several applications to universities in April and then wait for the cut-off marks for each university to be announced while they are preparing for the exam.

Students only make the final decision, just before the exam date, about which university to have their entrance exam marked at.

Scope and limitations of computerized entrance examination system

Costly system But allowing multiple registrations can be costly for universities. Pham Thai Son, head of the education and training department of the University of Food Industry in Ho Chi Minh City, said the institution had to rent an extra examination rooms to accommodate 22, students registered to take the exam.

But not all of them would actually take the exam there. In the past, universities have called on the ministry to provide additional resources for the exam season.

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This year both the ministry and provincial governments said they had improved guidance and support programmes for candidates to help them choose universities and reduce the number of speculative applications. At the other end of the scale, some universities have said they cannot attract enough enrolments because, prior to the exam, candidates tend to apply to the trusted top public universities, which also have lower tuition fees.

Some newly established or private universities receive very low numbers of applications. Some experts have warned that more education institutions could go bankrupt unless the system is changed. To counter this, students who fail to gain their first choice have been allowed since to apply to other universities in a second round organised by the ministry in September or early October or even, in some years, a third round in November.

New rules mooted Fromwhen a new university law comes into effect, university entrance exams will only be held at top universities, allowing other universities and colleges to select students based on school records.

This was first made public last year when Bui Van Ga, the vice-minister of education, said during a press conference in Hanoi that bywhen the higher education system has the capacity to provide about four million places, the ministry-administered exam may be removed, except for some elite programmes.

During the past academic year, the ministry also encouraged several top universities to pilot a separate exam. But according to some university leaders, the government still appears reluctant to provide all universities with the autonomy needed to set up their own admissions schemes.

Prior toVietnamese higher education institutions had full responsibility for entrance examinations. But the downside was more cheating and red tape during the selection process, which led to the ministry stepping in to set up the current system. Many are still sceptical, saying it is not the first time that the ministry has proposed a timetable for change, but later cancelled it.

Others said making proposals for reform without proper consultations merely makes students and their families anxious.Rationale: Our group will focus on the entrance examination that will help minimize the work of the examiners and upgrade the system of manual entrance examination to a .

In the United States, several tests have an operational CAT version, e.g., the Graduate Record Examination (Educational Testing Service, ) and the Computerized . The CPS consists of Procedure eXecution System (PXS), and Engineering System (ES) including procedure editor (PED) and Non-Integrated System Test System (NISTS).

The PXS is the execution system for the procedure provided to the operators and has the following functions. 2.

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The Automated Entrance Examination system will decrease time consumption. 3. The Automated Entrance Examination will automatically compute the total score result of the exam. Scope and Limitations of the Study The scope and limitations of our system, our system is only for a specific school only.

The course allows students to specialize in one of the multiple specialization areas, such as international business, finance, real estate, computer information systems, marketing or accounting.

BBA programs can offer practical management training that can prepare students to successfully work within a large or small organization. College entrance examination system has three purposes. 1. To allow entrance examination takers wide and comfortable places to take the examination.

2. Through careful planning and proper coding, enable entrance examination, result checking and accurate checking the answers. 3.

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