The conduction of the ideals of liberty and rights in the united states

The article has some interesting information in it. The author, unfortunately, loses some credibiliy with his editorializing.

The conduction of the ideals of liberty and rights in the united states

If you are a Christian, then it is likely that a feeling of dismay overcame you in witnessing the ubiquitous and outright celebration of sin by our society: This is not to say that one participating in these institutions is a bad person, for perfection certainly does not precede following Christ.

Before proceeding, it is important to establish a general principle by which I endeavor to abide: I hear that it is not my duty to judge gay people because we are all sinners, and that I must show love by accepting my gay neighbors.

The conduction of the ideals of liberty and rights in the united states

I also hear that homosexual behavior is, as Scripture commands, sinful, and the most optimal means by which to display my Christ-like love is to discourage sin and instead encourage devotion to Christ.

I tend to appreciate the latter, for while the former possesses a degree of genuineness, it also possesses a degree of misguidedness. Christians cannot show love if they are not attempting to bring others to Christ, but a societal discouragement of the public disdain of sin has cast fear into many, stirring consternation regarding the label one may receive should he utter blasphemies inconsistent with contemporary social demands.

Indeed, Christians are so often afraid to condemn sin because we ourselves are sinners; after all, who are we to cast a shadow shadow of condemnation upon others when we have our moments in the darkness as well?

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Are we to leave a brother or sister in their apparent sin simply because we ourselves have sinned? The simple answer should be no: However, if one rejects the notion that he is a sinner and fails to show remorse or contrition for his iniquitous tendencies, then he is indeed a hypocrite for casting doubt onto the moral devotion of his neighbors.

Of course, this should not be done under the condemning and disheartening cloud of judgment, but in love and in a manner consistent with the actions and Gospel of Christ Phil.

Being a witness to Christ and spreading the Gospel requires gentleness and respect 1 Peter 3: The primary reason this case even reached the Supreme Court of the United States is that popular demand facilitated the employment of government to regulate the private relationships of consenting individuals.

Citizens bestowed upon government an ability to essentially define morality in a manner consistent with the contemporary social norm; however, society shifted its preferences in a manner favorable to the gay community, and naturally, government began to shift in accordance with those norms.

Thus, the principal problem with this whole ordeal is that the people of this nation enlisted government as a means to establish and define the moral parameters of private relationships, and when the preferences of the electorate shifted, so too did the dictations of government.

The process of loving a neighbor, among the highest Christian duties, breaks down as follows when concerning extricating an individual from his sin: Christ commands that we love God and love our neighbor Mark God loves you very much and wants you to be with Him in His Kingdom John 3: No one who does not abandon and repent of sin and seek genuine forgiveness through Christ will enter the Kingdom Revelation Defeating iniquity is not an easy endeavor, something to which all Christians should be readily able to attest, and we must recognize that when interacting with those who deny their sexual sin — or sin of any kind, for that matter — or the professed Word.


We must arm ourselves with the Truth, and our interactions must show respect and gentleness, a conduction of behavior worthy of the Gospel of Christ. However, if we seek a truly moral society, we must cease in enlisting government as an enforcement mechanism of righteousness, for this produces adherence under chains, but God seeks acceptance from a heart liberated from oppressive institutions Romans Be gentle in your interactions with those who doubt God or reject the presence of their sin.

Arm yourselves with Scripture and rely on the Spirit to guide your words.Much of what makes this country (the United States of America for you liberals trying to clear your head) so attractive is the ability of decent human beings to find their way, even if they stumble along the path to self determination and liberty.

Making mistakes is not the end-all for Americans, but not learning from mistakes must be regarded.

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Apr 06,  · Community Leadership Essays (Examples) and the Deep Structure of Communities" provides an in-depth analysis of the forming of communities in the United States.

The author considers the beginnings of communities from the outset of the country's inception, and discusses the fact how early on communities were centered around religious and.

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