Writing an outstanding reference books

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Writing an outstanding reference books

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The closest fought sea battles of the second world war were those of the "little ships," the highly maneuverable motor torpedo boats of all the major navies. Small enough to move unseen over moonlit waters, penetrating minefields and harbor defenses to take the war close to an enemy's coast, and fast enough to fire their torpedoes and speed away again before the enemy's guns could be brought to bear on them, they were deadly weapons in coastal waters.

writing an outstanding reference books

Too small and numerous to be given the dignity of individual names they were known by numbers instead. They fought in every major theater of war.

The stories of their battles, whether they were waged by the Allies or by the Axis powers are filled with drama. Bryan Cooper's book captures the excitement of every major torpedo boat operation in WW2 - the excitement of a conflict of the small against the gigantic.

Among the most dramatic stories in the book are the evacuation of the Philippines and the saving of General MacArthur's life, and the rescue operation at Dunkirk. Cooper also details the development of the vessels during the s and supplies technical data regarding hulls, power plants, armament, etc.

It is an exciting history of the motor torpedo and motor gun boats and the yarns of the young Canadians who fought in them. Wrenn, Copyright,by M. Original 1st edition Publisher: Kennedy appointed him to be the first head of the Federal Maritime Commission in Small and primitive, the MTBs had neither radar nor voice radio: By night they stalked, disputing narrow seaways where no larger vessel could be risked, defying certain death as they careened against enemy convoys, aiming their deadly underwater missles that proved so vital to the outcome of WWII naval warfare.

This is a fascinating account of a little-known chapter of British naval operations during the war. Construction details, the role and campaigns, with over contemporary photographs. The Fairmile Type D was designed to combat the known advantages of German S-boats Schnellboote over previous British coastal craft designs.

Designed for 31 knots at 80 tons' displacement, the Fairmile 'D' was the most potent and heavily-armed coastal torpedo boat type of any navy. This book is the most comprehensive body of information available anywhere in a single volume on this important type. On the Black Sea, the Russians were fighting a desperate battle to regain control.

But the Russians' one real weakness was on the water: Finally the British agreed to send them a small flotilla of motor torpedo boats under the command of John Devane. Devane had been in the Navy since the outbreak of war. More than a veteran, he was a survivor - and the two rarely went together in the savage war of MTBs.

Given command at short notice, Devane soon learned that, even against the vast and raging background of the Eastern Front, war could still be a personal duel between individuals.

He received a silver star for destroying a Japanese pt boat base, a bronze star for amphibious landings in Japanese held territory. In addition to describing his experiences during the war, the author recounts what life was like on the boats as well as details about the boats themselves, their weapons and tactics.

Includes photographs, appendices and bibliography. Kennedy came close to death when PT was sliced in half by a Japanese destroyer.Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story (Helping Writers Become Authors Book 3) Kindle Edition. Henry Ford said, ‘Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.’ Writing for Results does just that for briefing notes and briefing books.

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